Hi! Are you getting ready for Fall and/or Thanksgiving? These mini felt pumpkins are a must-have! They are adorable, super easy to sew, and made from earth-friendly and sustainable bamboo felt!

Click here for tips on how to cut, sew, and take care of bamboo felt.


1. Get your felt ready. You will need three colors per pumpkin: one for the pumpkin shape, one for the leaves, and one for the stem. I used the Honey Bee and Sangria for the pumpkin, the Moss for the leaves and the Coconut Shell for the stem.

2. Download the pattern. I offer two sizes: mini pumpkin and small pumpkin.


3. Cut your felt pieces with the help of the Pattern. Cut one circle, two leaves and one rectangle for the stem.

4. Put together the pumpkin. Grab the circle. Using two strands of matching thread, sew straight stitches with about 1/4inch gap in between inch, all around the edge of the circle. Stuff with fiberfill and pull your thread to close your circle and make it into a ball (a weird looking ball, I guess…)

My Post-21

5. Shape it up! Prepare a loooong thread of the matching embroidery floss. Make it go through the bottom center of the pumpkin to the top center. Wrap the thread all around the pumpkin and poke the needle back through the top center of the pumpkin to the bottom center. Make it tight to give it its shape. Repeat this operation six times, but wrapping the thread around half of the pumpkin at a time, until you did it all around the pumpkin and shaped it up nicely.

My Post-22

6. Prepare the leaves and the stem.

Let’s start with the stem. Make sure to prepare your thread before rolling the felt (you won’t want to let go, trust me!) You will be using two strands of the matching thread. Roll the rectangle on itself, from its short edge, very tightly, using a toothpick if it helps. Then sew straight stitches all along it to keep it together. You can also glue it together but I personally try to avoid chemical products as much as possible.

For the leaves, using two strands of green thread, sew straight stitches to decorate, as shown of the photo or by the red lines on the pattern.


7. Put it all together.

With the matching thread, or with glue, place the leaves and the stem on the pumpkin. And voila!!!


Now seeing how easy it is, make a couple to decorate your home this fall. It can also make a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. You can enlarge the pattern to make bigger pumpkins if you’d like – the steps remain the same.

Have fun and Happy Fall!

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