Live colorfully with this easy to make heart rainbow garland!

This garland is made out of bamboo felt, an earth-friendly, 100% plant-based felt, that is soft, strong, and perfect for your crafts and DIY projects.

I used Purple Paradise, Blue Hawaii, Pirate Cove, Lemon, Papaya and Macaw Red colors.


1. Gather your material. You will need one sheet of each color and the matching embroidery floss (DMC 333, 798, 702, 307, 740, 666). You also need 50 inches of hemp twine, an embroidery needle and scissors.

Click here for the heart pattern pieces.

2. Cut the hearts. Cut two large heart shapes in the Purple Paradise felt. Cut two smaller heart shapes in all the other felt colors.


3. Sew and stitch the hearts. Grab two heart shapes of identical colors. Place front and back shapes together and begin sewing blanket stitches with two strands of the matching thread. Stuff shape with fiberfill as you go, making sure you always have space to insert the fiberfill. You may keep the embroidery floss attached to the needle while you stuff the shapes. A thin and pointy (but not sharp) tool can help push in the fiberfill (I use a small wood dowel). Continue stitching until you went all around, back to your first stitch. To finish, knot your thread, then insert it back into the shape and come out about an inch away through the back. Trim the thread where it comes out. This last step helps hiding the thread.


Repeat until you have two smaller hearts of each color and one large purple heart.


4. Put together the garland. Attach the hearts through the back, wrapping a few backstitches around hemp twine, using two strands of the matching thread. Attach them in the following order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.


Photo Oct 28, 3 23 06 PM

Your garland is ready! Good job bringing lots of colors into your home!

Photo Oct 28, 3 22 37 PM

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