These easy to make felt sunflowers are a perfect addition to your fall decor. Put them together as a bouquet, make a garland out of it, just display them as accent pieces… There are many ways to your felt sunflowers.

These sunflowers are made out of bamboo felt, an earth-friendly and plant-based felt.

Read my article with tips on how to cut, sew and take care of your bamboo felt before your start!

1. Gather your materials and download the free pattern here. You need one sheet of Honey Bee and one of Cocoa Bean, matching embroidery floss (DMC 3820 and DMC 3371), bamboo dowel rods or any other support if you want to make it a bouquet, a sewing needle and scissors (for paper and felt).

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2. Cut your felt pieces. For one sunflower, you need 12 petals in the Honey Bee felt, and one band of the Cocoa Bean felt.

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3. Create the heart of the flower. Grab the brown strip you cut, and fold it in half. Sew the edges together with large straight stitches all along, using two strands of the matching thread (DMC 3371). You may also glue it together but I try to avoid chemical products as much as possible. Cut small fringes all along the folded edge.

Roll the strip very tightly on itself, or around a stick or rod if you want to make it a bouquet. Sew or glue to hold it together.

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4. Sew the petals. Place six petals around the bottom base of the heart of the flower. Sew them or glue them. Overlap the remaining six petals in between the ones already sewn. Sew or glue.

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Your sunflower is ready! Didn’t I tell you it was going to be easy?! Repeat these steps for as many sunflowers as you would like to create, and keep the fun going!


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