This easy DIY garland will bring autumn to your home! It is a perfect decoration for the fall season and Thanksgiving. This garland is made out of bamboo felt, a 100% plant-based and eco-friendly material, but it can also be made with similar wool blend felt colors.

1. Pick your favorite autumn colors.


2. Put together three sunflowers. Find the instructions here.


3. Cut nine leaves in the autumn felt colors of your choice. Use this pattern. You can use different colors.


4. Put together the little scarecrow. Purchase the pattern and instructions here.


5. Assemble the garland. With matching thread, wrap around a few stitches, between the back of each object and the twine. Place the scarecrow in the middle, and the leaves and sunflowers around.


Your garland is ready!!! Please share your photos with me @craftwithnola!

Photo Oct 28, 3 19 41 PM

Photo Oct 28, 3 21 02 PM

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Designer Maker of earth-friendly crafts and DIY projects

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