Getting comfy at home or on the go, sipping a nice cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Now, you can make it even more enjoyable with an adorable handmade coffee cozy! It is super easy to make, only requires very basic handstitches skills, and a good glue gun. It will be ready in no time for you to enjoy your hot beverage! It can also be a very cute and thoughtful gift for a friend, teacher or family!

Follow the instructions below and take advantage of the free pattern!

Before you start, you can visit this page for more tips on how to cut felt, embroidery, etc.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You need:

  • Free Pattern
  • Felt in light grey, dark grey, black, pink and gold – I use bamboo felt, as it is significantly softer than other felt products, and eco-friendly.
  • Embroidery floss matching the dark grey felt
  • Embroidery needle
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors (for paper and felt)

Step 2: Cut felt according to pattern.The eyes are a little detailed, so I recommend tracing the shape with a pen on the felt.

Step 3: Stitch the ears. Using two strands of dark grey thread, whipstitch the center of the ears on the cat ears shape, as indicated on the pattern.

Step 4: Glue the eyes, nose and blushed cheeks. Place them first to make sure it looks good and glue them one by one using your favorite glue gun. You may also use an iron-on adhesive sheet if it is a preferred method or stitch them with matching thread.

Step 5: Glue the stars. Again, place them first and then glue them one by one with a glue gun.

Step 6: Close the coffee sleeve. Turn the sleeve around so that the back is facing you and glue the ends together, overlapping by about one inch. If you have a favorite coffee cup, you can also wrap it around first to see where you would like it to close exactly.

Your coffee cozy is ready! Enjoy your hot drink and make a couple more for your girlfriends!!! You can also make a Foxy Coffee Cozy to mix things up!

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