Summer is here! It is time for some fun and colorful crafts!

This summer, I wanted to create something a little different, and I had never tried out making jewelry with felt so I challenged myself. With the vibrant colors of bamboo felt, I was able to create some beautiful pieces that really stand out! I am very excited to present a pair of earrings today, that are SUPER EASY to make. It is only requires basic jewelry tools and pieces, pink and black felt, and a few beads. Best part? I am offering you a FREE PDF and SVG Pattern for this project, so enjoy!

By the way, you can use other types of felt for this project, but I like the bamboo felt for its earth-friendly properties and it is stronger and softer than wool felt.

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Download the pattern: PDF / SVG (created to be used with Cricut Maker – follow your Cricut instructions)

For this project, you need:

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  • Pink and black felt
  • Embroidery floss matching the felt
  • Beads: 2 small black glass beads (eyes), 4 small pink glass beads, 8 fun beads of your choice for the legs (I used swarovski beads)
  • Two small jump rings
  • Two fishhook
  • Scissors
  • Thin embroidery needle
  • Flat-nose pliers

Let’s get started!

  1. Gather your materials and download the pattern.
  2. Cut 4 flamingo shapes and 4 beak shapes according to pattern. Follow your Cricut machine instructions if you use the SVG file. If you use the PDF pattern and need advice, check the Tips page.
  3. Sew the beaks on the flamingos. Place on the flamingo shapes, and sew with blanket stitches using two strands of black embroidery floss. Make sure to do two reflecting shapes for each earring, so that the beaks will be facing out when the flamingo shapes are sewn together.
  4. Add a black glass bead for the eyes. For each earring, insert a black glass bead on the side that you will want facing out.
  5. Sew the front and back pieces together and insert beads. Place two flamingo shapes together back-to-back (with the right sides facing out – eyes and beaks), blanket stitch both shapes together, using embroidery floss matching the pink felt. At the top of the flamingo (between the neck and the feathers), insert a jump ring in your stitches. Continue your blanket stitches until you went back around to your very first stitch!
  6. Hook it! With the help of your pliers, hang the flamingo by the ring on a fishhook.
  7. Add the legs. On each flamingo, add a string with beads for the legs and feet. Fold a short thread of pink embroidery floss in half. Insert a small pink glass bead around the two strands, then pass the ends of the strands through the loop to make a knot with the bead. It adds a nicer finish than a regular knot. Insert two beads of your choice. Make two strings hang from the bottom of the flamingos and knot them.

Your earrings are ready! I hope you had a lot of fun making them!

Photo Jun 01, 6 49 37 PM (1)

Check out the blog for more ideas!

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