My lifestyle is all about sustainable living and eliminating plastic and waste from daily activities. And crafts can fit perfectly in that lifestyle! I came up with a new DIY project that is so much fun to do with kids, or if you enjoy coloring yourself!

Mason Jars are now used to store almost everything in your kitchen, and allow you to get rid of unnecessary packaging. Many retailers now allow you to bring your containers to refill with bulk provisions – save money and reduce waste!

I created coloring labels for your mason jars. Print them on white labels (you can find 100% recycled white labels online or at a retailer) and allow yourself or your little one to color them. They will feel unique to you, and your little one will feel so special to have his/her labels displayed all over the kitchen!

The PDF Printables include 12 labels for everyday necessities: Pasta, Coffee, Quinoa, Tea, Rice, Flour, Cocoa Powder, Oatmeal, Candy, Snacks, Sugar and Cookies.

Download FREE for a limited time:

Share photos of the results on Instagram @craftwithnola!

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