I don’t know about you, but I personally love Easter crafts. It kicks off Spring and it is a great excuse to do some fun and colorful crafts. Make some pastel colored eggs, bunnies, sheep, flowers, etc!

Today I am offering you a free pattern to make this cute felt Easter basket. Use it as a seasonal home decoration, as part of a Easter brunch centerpiece, or to put some goodies in…

It only requires a few basic hand stitching techniques, some thick green felt, two colors of regular wool felt and matching thread. It is a very quick project that can easily be done in a hour or so…

Now let’s get our materials and start this fun Easter DIY project!


  • 3mm thick green felt
  • Purple and beige felt
  • Green and purple embroidery floss, matching your felt colors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


  1. Cut your felt piece according to pattern.

2. Sew a blanket stitch along the straight edges of your basket side pieces, individually, where indicated by the dashed lines on the pattern. It will allow you to sew the pieces together in the next step.

3. Assemble the four corners of your basket by joining the edges together with a threaded running stitch going through your previously sewn blanket stitches.

4. Add the bottom piece of your basket with the same stitches or with some glue along the edge.

5. Put the two butterflies together by place the smaller beige butterfly shape on the larger purple butterfly and running a straight stitch through the center of both pieces with two strands of purple thread.

6. Glue the butterflies on the basket.

Your basket is finished and you are now ready to celebrate Easter! Make more as needed to decorate, gift or to multiply the fun!

Check out the blog for more DIY projects and free patterns, and don’t forget to follow my Instagram account @craftwithnola!

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