Carrots are a classic when thinking about Easter… But I’m not offering a Easter Brunch recipe today, instead a FREE Pattern to make a cute felt carrot!

I make this felt carrot as a “pocket”, with an opening on top. It can be used to give out little treats, or my favorite use is to place utensils in them as a nice touch on your Easter table.

This a super easy and quick project to make! It only takes three steps to complete. In one afternoon, you’ll be able to make enough for all for Easter Brunch guests!

It only requires one easy stitch, two colors of felt and very basic crafting tools.


  • Orange Felt
  • Green Felt
  • Orange Embroidery Floss
  • Scissors
  • Pinking Shears
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Glue Gun

Let’s start our first felt carrot!

  1. Cut the felt according to the pattern. Cut the edges of both green pieces with pinking shears (optional but cuter!)

2. Blanket stitch the two orange carrot shapes together along their straight edges (leave the rounded top opened).

3. Fold one green piece into a V shape. Glue it on the top rounded edge of the carrot. Fold the second green piece into a V shape and glue on top of the already glued shape.

Already done! Told you it was quick and easy! Repeat until you have enough carrots for your party!

Don’t forget to check out the blog for more DIY projects and free patterns, and follow me on Instagram @craftwithnola!

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