This summer I feel nostalgic and miss the smell of the lavender fields in the South of France. While this is not where I am from in France, my parents have been living there for a couple of years now and it used to be one of our preferred vacation spot!

This year, I will not go due to the pandemic, so I created a little felt lavender collection to enjoy it far from home!

These bags are very simple but the geometric shape gives them a modern look. I chose a contrasting blanket stitch to add a little more style but you can also match your felt so the stitch is not visible. Also, I chose shades of purple to stick to the lavender theme but you can have fun with the colors!

Filled with dried lavender buds, these bags will be very fragrant (don’t do like my boyfriend – he put it right underneath his noise and sneezed!). Put them in cabinet, drawers, closets to add some fragrance. You’ll love opening your doors/drawers and smelling the lavender!

These lavender bags also make a nice and thoughtful handmade gift, especially for a housewarming gift.

The materials list for this project is fairly simple:

  • Felt of the color of your choice
  • Embroidery floss – either matching the felt or a nice contrasting color
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Scissors
  • Dried lavender buds (I purchased mine on Amazon)

The directions are even easier. Check out the video tutorial below to see the technique. Cut four triangles. The triangles’ sides measure 3 inches each. Blanket stitch the sides together with two strands of embroidery floss. Use the Free PDF Pattern available for download above to see which sides should be sewn together. Before closing it completely, fill it with the dried lavender buds.

I hope you’ll have fun making a few lavender bags and you’ll enjoy the smell! Don’t forget to check my blog for more DIY projects and ideas and follow me on IG @craftwithnola to never miss my new tutorials!

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