Nola is a designer and maker of beautiful felt and fabric DIY projects. Originally from France, Nola grew up with a very crafty mother, always creating, sewing, painting, assembling…

Now living in Miami, Nola wanted to keep this connection with her mother through crafts. So she started creating beautiful felt patterns with her help. She learned designing skills on her own, online, and practiced her hand and machine sewing skills. Nola is now present on Etsy and Spoonflower offering fun DIY projects.

Nola tries to use as many earth-friendly materials as possible for her projects, starting with bamboo felt. It is a natural, eco-friendly felt that comes in vibrant colors. All the felt projects and patterns created by Nola are made out of bamboo felt.

Please take a minute to click through Nola’s universe, and discover her beautiful creations, from Christmas pattern, to Nursery decor, passing by cut’n’sew projects.

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