Hi, I’m Nola, and welcome to Craft with Nola!

To start, let me tell you a little about myself. My actual name is Nolwenn, I am French, and I have been living in Miami for a couple years. Why “Nola” then? Well… Go ahead and try saying “Nolwenn”.  Not easy, right?! Nola seemed to work in Miami, and I kept it to build this brand because “No” could be for Nolwenn, and “La” for Laurence, my mother. I have to give my mother a lot of credit because my passion for crafts comes from her.

Now let’s talk about crafts. Growing up, I could see my mother make exceptional things out of anything. She taught me her love for DIY projects and I developed a crafty hand myself. I wanted to share this passion online, so I came up with CraftwithNola.com to offer earth-friendly DIY projects made with materials that are sustainable, natural, organic, and non-toxic.  Find more about our materials in this article. My crafting kits are a lot of fun to make, for all levels, and only require basic skills. For now, I am mostly working with bamboo felt, my favorite eco-friendly material. It is such a cozy material and with its vibrant colors, decorative ideas are endless.

I also take pride in using eco-friendly shipping supplies from our friends at EcoEnclose. The poly mailers are made in the USA with 100% recycled content, they are fully recyclable and feature dual self-seal adhesive strip allows for reuse! Additionally, if you purchase a kit, the instructions and patterns are printed on 100% recycled paper, and the thank you notes are made sustainably from a mixture of flower and herb seeds that you can plant and watch grow.

I hope you will enjoy crafting with me. Please visit my shop and my blog to find fun DIY projects, and go to the contact page to share your priceless feedback!

Have fun!