We are all excited and impatient during December. Decorating, cooking, buying gifts, making lists, crafting… All waiting for Christmas Day! Advent Calendars are a fun way to countdown until Christmas. Each day comes with a little treat that children and adults can enjoy.

Nola created a collection of three Advent Calendars. They will take you or your little one(s) a whimsical journey this Holiday season!

Each day, discover a new surprise! Each calendar has 25 elements that were designed like little pockets so you can insert candies, chocolates, or small gifts. Your little one will have so much fun looking for the right pocket and pick up his daily treat!

What can be better to take your family on this holiday journey that a handmade piece? It will become a heirloom for your family that can be passed from generations. It can also be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a family member or a friend.

Currently, Nola’s Advent Calendars Patterns can only be purchased on Etsy. Visit her Etsy Shop today to access the patterns.

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