Bamboo felt is the perfect fabric for adorable crafts and DIY projects. It is a strong and extremely soft felt and is available in rich, vibrant colors with excellent uniformity. It is easy to cut, handle and sew. But most importantly, it is 100% earth-friendly and plant-based.

Bamboo felt is the first felt created from sustainable, natural fibers. The fibers originate from an innovative bamboo-rayon blend, both natural raw materials. These fibers are naturally strong, light and soft, which makes the bamboo felt noticeably softer and stronger than other felt products. It uniquely absorbs dyes for luxuriously rich and vibrant colors.

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Bamboo is the perfect plant for a renewable and sustainable textile. It is the fastest growing timber plant on earth, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and naturally thrives without pesticides.

All these properties make bamboo felt a favorite fabric for modern designers in the industry today.  And if you could use natural, eco-friendly products, why do otherwise? Its properties make it perfect for home and nurseries decor.